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The Rossfarm tank farm became, the first to see work completed as part of an extensive refurbishment program of storage facilities. Modernization of the Rossfarm tank farm has allowed significant improvements in production efficiency, lower costs in oil transshipment and storage, and better safety throughout the facility. The tank farm is fully automated, with a metering system for oil products now installed, a self-service system for drivers reducing off-loading times three-fold, and new software removing any possibility of inaccuracies in oil volumes offloaded.


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Services At the tank terminals operated by Rossfarm, a wide variety of liquid bulk products are s...
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Oil Storage
Oil Storage   Oil products (such as crude oil, gasoline, naphtha, diesel and fuel oil) are mainly
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Chemical Storage
Chemical storage Chemical products (such as methanol, xylene, MEG and styrene) are typically stor...
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LNG Storage
LNG storage LNG is stored in specially-designed full containment large tanks and is cooled at atm...
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Biofuels and vegetable oils storage Biofuels and vegetable oils: bio-ethanol is often stored in t...
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Complementary services - Agencies Rossfarm Agencies is part of the Rossfarm Europe & Africa d...
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News Section

Service System
January 9, 2018
Tank Terminals with Better Flexible Self-Service System
Storage Unit
January 9, 2018
Chemicals, Bio-fuels and Vegetables Storage Unit
Capacity Unit
January 9, 2018
Self-Service Monitoring with better Storage Capacity Unit
Oil Products
January 9, 2018
System for Oil Storage, LNG Storage Products and Fuels
Storage Tanks
January 9, 2018
Better Chemicals, Bio-fuels, Oil and LNG Storage Tanks
Bulk Liquid
January 9, 2018
Handling of Bulk Liquid Products as well as Fuels